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InfoNet is a lightweight document-management-tool. Internal (filesystem) and external (internet) documents can be indexed like a multidimensional foldersystem. Internal documents can be vesioned. InfoNet uses pure HTML on the client-side and servlets on the server-side. Only OpenSource-components have been used, e.g. Hypersonic, ObjectRelationalBridge, CVS, JDOM, VeryQuickWiki, Lucene and our own component jCVSFile.

You can use InfoNet for your team or for your personal purpose. So you have to have Java (j2sdk or j2re), Tomcat and (optional) CVS (PServer) already installed on your server rsp. desktop.

Put these war-files into the weppapps-folder of your webserver:
- InfoNet.war
- vqwiki.war

Some documentation:
- InfoNet_Installation_Guide.pdf (for customizing InfoNet)
- InfoNet_Users_Guide.pdf

If not already installed find here downloads of proven versions of the needed runtime environment on Windows (we did not test InfoNet on other plattforms yet):
- jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4.exe
- cvsnt_1.11.1.3.exe
- j2sdk-1_3_1-win.exe rsp. j2re-1_3_1_02-win.exe

If you want to contribute, click here ->

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